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Trimaco 11105 Paint Strainer Hyde 46455 Paint Can Opener Encore Plastics Mix-N-Measure Releasable Paint Container Lid
Add to your paint tool assortment with the Trimaco SuperTuff  Cone Strainers. Ideal for removing unwanted dust or other impurities in latex or oil based paints and varnishes. Easy to use for small amounts of paint. Cone strainers are made with synthetic mesh instead of cotton, this means more accurate pore sizes, better filtration and purification of paint and faster straining. Medium mesh strainers work on latex or oil-based paints and fine mesh cone strainers are especially suited for all lacquers and enamels. Use to remove paint can lids without damaging seal. Loop style bottle opener. One piece plated steel construction. Prevents accidental spills, keeps the contents clean and guards against skimming.
Trimaco 11101 Paint Strainer CONTAINER MIX PLASTIC 16OZ    Hyde 46445 Paint Can Opener
Removes impurities in oil based and latex paints and varnishes. Strong, durable construction. Prevents spray gun clogging. ENCORE Plastics Mixing Container, 16 oz Capacity, Plastic Use to remove paint can lids without damaging seal. Loop style bottle opener. One piece plated steel construction.
Linzer RM115 Bucket Grid Encore Plastics Mix-N-Measure Releasable Paint Container Lid Trimaco 04501/12 Supertuff Shoe Guards
No paint tray needed. Ideal for stirring and mixing, for use with 2 and 4 in mini rollers. Prevents accidental spills, keeps the contents clean and guards against skimming. Supertuff Shoe Guard, Disposable, Uni-Size, Polypropylene, White, Non-Skid Sole, For Protect Your Shoes From Paint Spatter and Spray
Warp Brothers 8JC912 Drop Cloth Warp Brothers U-912-48 Medium to Drop Cloth Mix-N-Measure 300343 Paint Container
All-purpose cover, may be used on the ground, protects against rain and can be used as a cover for woodpile. For covering appliances, building materials, farm equipment, furniture, garden tools, lumber, machinery and protects during painting. Unfolds easily. This 1 qt tub is convenient for touch-up paint jobs or small catalyst required mixing combinations. The calibrated container is solvent-resistant, may be used with all paints. Accepts the 2M6 lid.
Trimaco 10501 Supertuff Tack Cloth Hyde 45000 Curved Spring Paint Shield Foampro 60 Paint Can Grid
Ensure a smooth and blemish-free finish every time with Trimaco's SuperTuff Tack Cloth. While working on virtually any surface, our Tack Cloth is excellent for cleaning between coats and is reusable. To use, simply open cloth fully, bunch together and wipe surface gently before each coat of finish. Tack cloth measures 18 x 36 in. Curved spring aluminum paint shield masks window glass and other areas. Offset handle keeps hands away from working area. For stirring and mixing paint. Eliminates messy pouring of paint. Apply paint directly from a 1 gal can with rollers up to 4 in W. Snaps under paint can lip for storage and to make room for large diameter rollers. No paint tray needed. 4 in x 10 in x 1/4 in.
3M 10132 Single Ply Tack Cloth Trimaco 11522 Elastic Top Paint Strainer Bercom 1500-CT Handy Paint Cup Paint Pails
3M? wood refinishers tack cloth removes dust, dirt, lint and other particles that settle on wood surfaces. Use it to prepare surfaces before applying the first coat of stain, finish or sealer and again between coats to obtain a super-smooth finish. For straining all types of paints, stains and liquids. Removes dried flakes, lumps, filaments and other dust particles from paint. Strainers are made with double stitched edges and polyester. Fits on 1 gal paint cans. For smaller painting projects like trim work and craft projects. Solvent resistant. Built-in magnetic brush holder and comfortable handle.
Encore Plastics Mix-N-Measure Releasable Paint Container Lid Mix-N-Measure 300344 Paint Container Encore 05115 Paint Pail Liners
Prevents accidental spills, keeps the contents clean and guards against skimming. Convenient 2-1/2 qt tub, calibrated with quart and liter markings an excellent mixing, measuring device. Solvent-resistant. Use with all paints, pastes and adhesives. Accepts the 5M6 lid. Our pail liner is a rugged, form-fitted plastic liner, which is thermoformed using durable polyethylene. It's seamless design of thick and evenly constructed walls and heavy contoured bottom help protect against leaks and spillage, thus minimizing the risk of environmental contamination. Our pail liners can be used with liquids, pastes or powders of varying density or viscosity. It is important to note that pail liners encourage easy and safe waste disposal, a must in today's industrial and manufacturing environments.
Linzer 5425 Lid Opener With Header Encore Plastics 53000 Snap-On Paint Pail Lid Trimaco 09301-B 3-Way Stretch Spray Paint Sock With Hood
Linzer 5425 Lid Opener
Our Price: $2.99
Linzer Lid Opener For dry, lightweight products requiring constant access. Non-gasket cover is easily removed and resealed. Trimaco Spray Paint Sock, 3-Way Stretch, Cotton, Size Fits Most
Encore Plastics 50000 Gasketed Tear-Strip Paint Pail Lid Valspar 27318 Empty Paint Can With Metal Lid Hyde 45110 Swivel Pail Hook
Tear-Strip Lid - Secure and tamper-resistant, manufactured to provide protection of the contents through handling, storage and transportation. When the product reaches its final destination, the cover can be easily removed with out cutting tools. Simply break the tab, strip off the edge and open by hand. Includes lid. Pointed steel hook with swivel hinge hangs paint pails from a ladder or windowsill, snap catch hold pails handle firmly, not recommended for 5 gal pails.
Encore Plastics 20000 Gasketed Tear-Strip Paint Pail Lid Linzer RM150 Paint Bucket Grids COVER PAINT PLASTIC BRUSH
Secure and tamper-resistant. Provides protection of the contents through transportation and handling. Cover can be easily removed without cutting tools. Use for covering SKU# 935.2261. Fits one gallon cans. 4-sided. For buckets & paint trays. Size 7-1/2 in x 5-1/2 in x 2-1/2 in. Designed to fit most everyday paint brushes from 3" and below. Made from an airtight, durable plastic, which allows you to store paint covered brushes for hours, days, even weeks, without need for washup or for fear of your brush being ruined.
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